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How To Choose Wedding Dance Songs

It is vital that the couple assess how well their musical preferences mesh with the reception venue. Because wedding party songs underscore the mood of the party, it is important to consider the type of music to be played. At the end of your wedding celebrations, you want to make sure that everyone has had a good time. Music can greatly increase the potential for a joyful wedding party.

It is possible that the theme and location of your wedding may guide musical selections. For example, weddings with distinctly beach oriented or Caribbean influences might dictate that wedding party songs reflect those thematic choices. It would be appropriate then, to play soca, calypso, or reggae tunes.

Soca is a form of dance music native to Trinidad. Heavily influenced by Indian instruments and Caribbean drumming, it is a fusion of soul, calypso and percussion melodies. Machal Montano, Kevin Little, Alyson Hinds and Mama Verde are popular contemporary soca artists.

Calypso music is similar to soca, except it is more heavily influenced by its African and French roots. This form of music is common not only to Trinidad, but to many other British and Fresh Caribbean islands. The Mighty Sparrow is a classic calypso artist.

Reggae music has varied throughout the years. Its influences are widespread and the tone of this genre varies greatly from artist to artist. Bob Marley, Beanie Man, Cocoa Tea, Nasio and King Jammy are well liked reggae artists.

Some couples choose to take dancing lessons so that they can perform a certain dance for their first dance as husband and wife. If you have taken formal ballroom dancing lessons, you might like to play musical selections that enhance that romantic tone. Classical waltzes and fox trots are highly reminiscent of bygone eras. Artists such as Frank Sinatra will surely enhance the romantic atmosphere of the dance floor.

Always remember to think about the words of the music you select. Many people choose fun or popular songs without realizing that the words expressed are not positive endearments. For example, Whitney Houston’s breathtaking rendition of “I Will Always Love You” is not a declaration of love, but a discussion of a breakup. Many couples select versions of this song while ignorant of its true message.

Wedding party songs may also reflect the heritage of the couple. Couples may use their musical selections to highlight cultural roots. This is not only appropriate, but ideal because it will honor your heritage.

If you are Irish, Senegalese, Puerto Rican or from another nation, you may want to consider invoking those musical influences into the musical repertoire. Be sure to make your music inclusive. This is particularly important when representing diverse heritages.

Choosing wedding party songs is a fun task. Simply remember to be true to the location and style of your wedding. Additionally, be sensitive to the preferences of both the bride and groom.

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